translucent roof + wall elements

According to requests, there are translucent roof and wall elements with recoveries of plastics in various constructions. They were adopted for illuminations of roofs and walls, as elements (light-bands for roofs or light-bands in the cladding) or as whole square footages (roofing of claddings or grandstands). Therefore as a rule a national technical approval or an individual approval is essential.

The evidence of translucent roof and wall elements with plastics recoveries makes specific demands on appointments of judging. Their adequate carrying capacity and service ability can often just been detected on bases of tests with building elements. Though, already by conceptions of tests, a high degree of engineering knowledge in the field of structural analysis as well as in the range of material behaviour is necessary. Just on this way it can be assured, that a meaningful and coeval long ranged testing procedure for a multitude of variations will be established.

The first European technical rules for verification procedures as ETAG 010 and EN 14964, which enable a CE label, subsist.

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