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09.2020The ISP celebrates its 10th anniversaryIn a small circle all current and former employees have already celebrated. Next year we will also celebrate with customers and related parties. A separate invitation will follow. We thank you already now for all congratulations and the positive feedback.
03.2020New standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 adjustedThe ISP has adjusted intern regulations in relation to the new standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for test laboratories. ON the basis of the audits carried out by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), the re-accreditation could be given. In addition, the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) has confirmed the competence as a notified body (NB 2462). This means that the ISP is further on available, inparticular, for the assessment of harmonized construction products.
05.2019transfer of ETAG 010 to EAD 220089-00-0401
On 29.May, in the official journal of the European Union, the transfer of "ETAG 010" to the european assesment document "EAD 220089-00-0401 - self supporting translucent roof kits with covering made of plastic sheets" announced.
With this ETA`s in a new version can be edited again.
09.2017Round Robin Tests 2017The institute for structured plastics (ISP) offers round robin test for creep bending tests on polycarbonate (PC) multiwall sheets according to EN 16153. The comparison between several test participants (test laboratories and manufacturers) enables the best comparion with other test equipment and processes for the quality management. All test laboratories or manufacturers who are looking for quality assurance as well as the exchange of experience are called upon to participate.
The implementation period is the fourth quarter of 2017. Registration should take place by 30. September 2017. We are looking forward to a good cooperation! More information on request.
09.2017administrative provisions - technical building rules publishedThe template administrative provisions - technical building rules of the DIBt have been published. The administraive provisions are intended to contain specific requirements for construction products and building types which are necessary to comply with the basic requirements for buildings. The administrative provision refers to the amended template building regulations, which has already been implemented in several states.
07.2017EN 16153 coexistence phaseThe coexistence phase of EN 16153:2013+A1:2015 ends in July. The declaration of performance (DoP) and the markings must be adapted accordingly
03.2017Quality certificateSince 16. October 2016 no new conformity certificates may be issued for CE-marked construction products. But how do I comply with the building requirements? The new quality certificate of the ISP closes the gap while maintaining the old security level and creates more transparency.
08.2016New optical measurement systemThe ISP uses the optical non-contact measurement system in order to be able to measure extrusion components more precisely. The measurement system now enables an efficient procedure for the determination of a substantiated data stock for qualkity assurance. UV protection layer thicknesses can also be determined with great accurancy.
06.2016PC multiwall sheets according to EN 16153Declaration of performance (DoP's) must be adapted to the new edition of the product standard by 07-2016
03.2016Calculation recommendations of the DIBtThe german instituten for structural engineering (BIBt) publishes the updated calculation recommendation 40-B1 for standing containers made of GRP. It is available free of charge at
03.2016Change of the management personnel of the inspection bodyThe inspection body of the ISP (NRW62) extends the management personnel. As of now, Mr. Achim Gieseking as Head of the inspection body and Mr. Markus Stiel as his replacement are available.
02.2016Annual audit of the german national accreditation body (DAkkS)The ISP successfully completes the annual audit of the german national accreditation body (DAkkS) and extends the competence test by additional testing procedures within the framework of the accredited test laboratory.
11.2015EPSE meeting in BrusselsThe ISP presents the first experiences in the handling and application of the product standard EN 16153 at the invitation of the Association of European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE).
11.2015The technical center receives further personnel reinforcementMr. Michael Eickels is now available as a new full-time employee to the technical center
09.2015The technical center receives personnel reinforcementMr. Ali Celikten is now available as a member of staff
07.2015PC multiwall sheets according to EN 16153The standard EN 16153 for PC multiwall sheets has now been adapted to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). It is available in the new version EN 16153:2015. The coexistance period runs until July 2016. Until then the Declaration of Derformance (DoP's) have to be adapted
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